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Life Angel Warriors

Born and raised in Clarksdale, MS, writing was always a great passion of mines. After completing a 20 year career in the Navy, i've decided to follow my passion.  Just click on the purchase link above, and I will be much appreciative of your efforts to enjoy my story.

Life Angel Warriors

We often hear the term Guardian Angel when we think of someone protecting us from the evils of this world.  Well, there is a protector.  There is an Angel.  They are called “Life Angels.”   They have been given a second chance at life to live among us, and help us meet our pre-determined time here on earth.  They are not here for fame or fortune.  They are here to complete the assigned tasks of watching over several lives here on earth.  The innocent die young for a reason.  They are “Life Angels” among us that interact with us every day.

Author Gary Adams

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